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Online Tutoring for K-12 and Special Education Students

girl in pink long sleeve shirt and black pants sitting on gray couch
girl in pink long sleeve shirt and black pants sitting on gray couch

Empower Your Mind with Exceptional Tutoring Services

EmpowerED Minds offers comprehensive online tutoring services for K-12 students with a special focus on special education. Our highly qualified tutors cater to all elementary subjects, and nearly all middle school and high school courses, including reading, writing, math, as well as a wide range of electives. Our specialized services cater to the unique needs of special education students and cover various subjects, including social skills, social emotional skills and classroom organizational skills.

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MacBook Pro near white open book

How It Works

1.) Complete the contact form

2.) Complete a short questionnaire to help us understand your specific expectations and goals

3.) Assess student's skill level and needs; collaborating with you and your special education team to develop a tailored plan of action.

We will be able answer any questions and serve as your point of contact throughout the tutoring journey!

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Contact Form

Our Special Education Services

We offer specialized services for special education students that cover various subjects, including social skills and class organizational skills. Our tutors are skillfully experienced and highly qualified, with a passion for helping students reach their true, full potential.

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man wearing headphones while sitting on chair in front of MacBook

About EmpowerED Minds Tutoring

Our team is made up of creators Ryda Slaughter M.Ed. and Charles Slaughter M.Ed. Empowered Minds was created to support students who need direct instruction or tutoring in various subjects. We serve students in special education as well as students in general education.

Ryda Slaughter's background in residential and behavior as well as her experience teaching special education, adds valuable perspective to our work. Her style of instruction is aimed to guide students towards understanding the work they are doing, breaking it down for them in a way that meets them at their academic level. Learning is different for every individual and Ryda believes in finding a path that works for each student. With patience, trust, and consistency, every student can be taught to learn.

Charles Slaughter is an experienced educator with an active teaching license in Oregon and Washington, as well as a Masters of Education in Special Education. Charles has a strong commitment to empowering students through differentiated instruction and student-centered IEP development.

With over a decade of experience teaching in diverse cultural settings, Ryda and Charles brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Together, our team is committed to providing high-quality, personalized education that meets the unique needs of every student we serve.


Quality, not quantity

Our tutoring services provide affordable and high-quality education and support for students at all levels.

Elementary students can receive tutoring sessions for only $1.00 per minute, ensuring that they have access to the help they need to succeed.

For middle school students, our tutoring services are priced at $1.25 per minute, tailored to their academic needs and challenges.

High school students can benefit from our comprehensive tutoring program, which offers personalized guidance and assistance throughout their educational journey, priced at $1.50 per minute.

Pricing Options: When it comes to pricing, EmpowerED Minds offers two types of tutoring services: a complete tutoring program and a partial tutoring service.

The complete tutoring program involves collaborating with an assessor to develop a plan of action, implement it, and track progression.

The partial tutoring service is ideal for those seeking short-term tutoring without a specific time commitment.

Empowering minds one session at a time.